Continuing the journey as the Ambassador of Tourism for Vietnam in South Korea: Rediscovering the Roots to Foster the Relationship between Two Nations

Ngày đăng: 05.09.2023

Mr. Ly Xuong Can, the 31st generation descendant of King Ly Thai To and simultaneously the 26th generation descendant of Prince Ly Long Tuong, currently serves as the Ambassador of Tourism for Vietnam in South Korea.

This is Mr. Ly Xuong Can's second term as the Ambassador of Tourism for Vietnam in South Korea (Term 02: 2021-2024). During his tenure, he has made significant contributions to promoting and enhancing tourism cooperation between Vietnam and South Korea.

Especially from 2019 until now, Mr. Ly Xuong Can has established and put into operation the Representative Office for the Promotion of Vietnamese Tourism in South Korea. He has supported the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in organizing cultural tourism festivals in South Korea and has cooperated in cultural exchange and promoting tourism between the two countries.

Born and raised in South Korea, but with Vietnam as the homeland of his ancestors, Mr. Ly Xuong Can considers his appointment as the Ambassador of Tourism for Vietnam in South Korea a great honor and source of happiness for himself and his family.

At the appointment ceremony, Mr. Ly Xuong Can said, "I hope the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be defeated and life will return to normal, opening up a brighter future. However, when the pandemic is under control and international flights are resumed, we will face fierce competition with neighboring countries. We need to work together to prepare for these challenges. I believe the Vietnamese government should take a keen interest and implement special support policies to attract tourists and investors from South Korea."

In recent years, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and South Korea have made significant progress in establishing diplomatic relations between the two nations, promoting cooperation in various fields such as politics, economics, culture, and tourism. The tourism industry is one of the strongest areas of exchange between the two countries.


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