Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort & Wellness

Vietnam's lifestyle has become increasingly complicated due to financial pressures, pollution, stress, and traffic, leading to increased anxiety and health issues, especially for people living in noisy, crowded cities. Here at Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort and Wellness, you have the opportunity to reset your body, both physically and mentally, reduce stress, and recharge your mind to feel rejuvenated and confident.

 As soon as you arrive at check-in, you will be surrounded by classic Indochina architecture evoking calmness and serenity. Every space inside the resort, from a deluxe room with a balcony, private beachfront villa, meeting rooms, and restaurants, is adorned with soft, natural colors and wooden Ancient Hoi An style accents.

 The pinnacle of our resort is our centrally located wellness center, where you can exercise at the fitness area overlooking the 55sqm infinity pool. You can participate in daily yoga or Tai Chi class, reduce stress in our spa therapy center, or relax in the outdoor jacuzzi. We also have special events throughout the year like a weekend detox program, meditation, and more! And after a fulfilling day of rejuvenating activities, and breathing in the clean fresh air, you can balance your day with delicious international, local, or healthy cuisine at our beautifully Indochina-style restaurant or rooftop lounge with bar. 

 Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort and Wellness is a family-friendly resort, the perfect location for weddings, team-building events, or a romantic holiday. We always serve you with kindness from the heart

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Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort & Wellness

Room System

Opening in June 2022, Hoi An Bliss Resort & Spa, a boutique resort with 135-deluxe rooms and villas on 5-hectors of land, is located on peaceful Binh Minh beach, South of Hoi An, in Quang Nam Province.

 The uniquely designed property prioritizes its wellness center with its prime location overlooking the 55-meter infinity pool and ocean view. Guests can enjoy the lavish spa, fitness center, jacuzzi, and other on-site activities such as outdoor yoga under coconut trees, meditation, and tai chi. Special wellness events will occur throughout the year like 3-day guided detox programs, bicycle tours, and fitness classes.

 Each deluxe room and villa face the ocean and is designed to reflect the traditional architecture of the Vietnamese Indochine style earth tones and wooden accents combined with luxurious modern amenities. Guests with families can book a private villa or a family room, while couples or friends can choose an ocean deluxe room with a private balcony or a villa with a private pool and outdoor enclosed bathtub. 

Wine & dine
Binh Minh Restaurant
Binh Minh Restaurant

In keeping with the traditional Indochine theme, the three-story dining area boasts the culture and architecture of Central Vietnam. The ground floor is conveniently located for the daily breakfast buffet and has outdoor and indoor seating options. Guests staying more than a few days are happy to know that the buffet menu frequently changes during the week. 

At our 2nd-floor restaurant, guests enjoy an intimate fine dining experience. The executive chef designed a menu reflecting the abundant food resources found in central Vietnam, with the many dishes coming from the local surrounding areas. Of course, the menu also includes healthy meals for our guests participating in wellness activities, including vegetarian and other dietary options. 

However, the most popular dishes at Utopia feature the freshest local seafood found anywhere. And as a special treat, the chef can prepare seasonal signature dinners, elegantly prepared right at your table and using the freshest delicacies found at nearby fish markets.

Swimming Pool - Gym
The gym located adjacent to the spa area of the resort is also focused with modern and high-class equipment. The spacious gym with sea view and green coconut garden will bring relaxation and comfort to visitors when exercising here. You can still continue to work out even while traveling at Hoi An Bliss Resort.
Swimming pool

The perfect highlight to create great beauty for Hoi An Bliss Resort is the 55-meter-long infinity swimming pool right in the center near the beach. The soft undulating shape like waves blends with the lush green landscape between the sea and the sky, providing a relaxing experience for visitors when swimming. The swimming pool is also fully equipped with a safe area for children and a jacuzzi area for you to relax.

Get rid of all the troubles of daily life to immerse yourself in the clear blue water, and enjoy the sea view at Hoi An Bliss Resort!

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea at Bliss Hoi An is a miniature space of childhood memories, the intersection between nostalgia and reality.
Afternoon Tea is served every afternoon from 14:30 to 15:45
Shuttle Bus
Hoi An Bliss Resort provides a complimentary daily shuttle service to Hoi An Ancient Town. It only takes 20 minutes to transfer from the resort, so you can comfortably visit places in Hoi An.
Travel Desk
To enhance and diversify the experience of staying at the resort, we are always happy to advise guests to plan and arrange local tour activities in Hoi An or in Vietnam. Please contact us for the best support.
Guests can use bicycles provided free of charge at the resort to cycle around the resort, enjoy the fresh air and peace. In addition, the destinations around the resort are also a great suggestion for you to cycle to explore the rustic life of the locals.
Weekly Activities
Weekly Activities
Kids painting
Là 1 lớp nhỏ, tại khu Kids Clubs , nhân viên Bliss sẽ cùng các bé tô màu, dựa trên những bức hình đã có sẵn,
Giúp bé khả năng sáng tạo và nhận diện màu sắc nhanh nhẹn hơn,
Hoạt động hoàn toàn miễn phí, hứa hẹn sẽ làm cho các bé có thêm một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời khi lưu trú tại Bliss
Vietnamese Class

Tiếng Việt luôn là ngôn ngữ thú vị, đầy màu săc và rất khó để phát âm,
Lớp học tiếng Việt tại Bliss sẽ chỉ dẫn cho quý khách nhưng câu từ đơn giản trong giao tiếp hằng ngày như Hello, Thank you, Have a nice day, Good night
Bên cạnh đó, chúng tôi sẽ dạy bạn cách trả giá vô cùng vui nhộn và hữu ích khi ban đi mua sắm tại các khu chợ trên đất nước Việt Nam này .
Chắc chắn quý khách sẽ có những trải nghiêm thú vị cùng với lớp học và các thầy cô đến từ Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort & Wellness



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Bliss Hoi An Resort boasts an extremely quiet and isolated location with open sea views and a long, romantic coastline