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      Ngoc Linh Spa

      Gently pampers with aesthetic therapies to ease body and spirit, with sea-inspired elements and Vietnamese cultural touches. Indulge in the art of relaxation,create a harmonious haven for rejuvenation of both body and spirit.

      Opening hour: 9:00 - 22:00

      Facilities: 13 massage beds

         2 foot massage chairs

                   2 hair washing station

           2 herbal bath tubs

      Located in the central location of the resort, Ngoc Linh Spa is one of the most invested facilities at Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort. Using the material of thatched roofs in harmony with the green space inside and the view of the green coconut groves outside brings a peaceful space for the body - mind – soul.

      Ngoc Linh Spa converges all the elements to become an ideal paradise for relaxation and absolute peace for customers. The skillful techniques of the therapists with many years of experience, natural-based treatments, and safe and benign premium aromas and essential oils help soothe all senses and provide endless inspiration. Here, you can freely choose the right service for a private VIP room or a shared room with family and friends. Ngoc Linh is also equipped with both a sauna and a steam bath to ensure it is up to standard.

      Visit Ngoc Linh Bliss Spa in your journey to awaken the senses and pamper yourself to the fullest.
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