Enjoy the full Journey of love during valentine's day at Bliss Hoi An

Ngày đăng: 10.02.2023

As February 14th, Valentine's Day, draws near, it presents a wonderful opportunity for couples to embark on a romantic getaway to Bliss Hoi An, the top luxury resort in Southern Hoi An, where you can revel in the sweetest moments of love during this year's season.

When you think of Valentine's Day, what comes to mind? Valentine's Day often prompts thoughts of meaningful gifts for one's significant other, such as fragrant bouquets, sweet chocolate boxes, jewelry with sentimental value, or a romantic retreat for two.



Nestled behind the Binh Minh coastal fishing village, surrounded by lush natural scenery and fresh sea breezes, Bliss Hoi An is a resort that blends traditional architecture with classical elegance. Offering a range of resort activities and luxurious, well-equipped rooms designed in the Indochine style (also known as Indochinese or French Indochina style) that harmoniously combine the beauty of modern and classical elements with regional inspiration, this is a unique destination to celebrate the love of couples during this year's Valentine's season.



On this Valentine's Day, Bliss Hoi An dedicates a journey of love and exploration to couples, allowing them to flourish in their love and live fully with the most sincere emotions and happiness. Couples will be immersed in a romantic space with a deep blue sky and enjoy a dinner full of poetry. 

The Binh Minh Restaurant, where culinary essence is preserved, will accompany you during the dinner, helping couples warm up their memories of love with the warm light of candles and the sweet melodies of love songs.



Along with the existing amenities and perks, guests can indulge in spiritual and physical well-being activities including meditation, yoga, and distinctive treatments with Ngoc Linh ginseng - a rare and valuable herb found exclusively in Quang Nam, at Ngoc Linh Spa Healthcare Center.


This love season, don't forget to spend quality time with your beloved one at Bliss Hoi An to experience a fulfilling and thriving relationship.


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